7 Huge Benefits That Will Make You Want a Co-Working Office in 2018

Interest in co-working spaces has shot up 📈 over the past few years thanks to a plethora of great benefits. Smart co-works have added to the already tempting value proposition of co-working by adding services that accelerate business growth like automated receptionists, live chat features, and a multitude of other business solutions.


In 2018, co-working is likely to become more popular than ever. Google Searches for “coworking” have gained steam over the past five years. A global survey also recently revealed that the number of co-working spaces worldwide increased 41% over this past year.


Why are people so eagerly jumping onboard the co-working hype train🚂? Here are 7 of the biggest advantages co-working offers that have made shared office spaces more in-demand than ever. 👇


Enjoy a Premium Location at an Advantageous Price

Metro Cowork is planned for a fall 2017 opening on


One of the biggest draws for co-working is that most spaces offer relatively inexpensive rents for premium downtown space. Instead of being stuck in suburbia🏡, professionals renting a co-working office can be in some of the most vibrant districts within renowned cities, all for far less than the cost of renting an entire office unit or suite. 💰





Workers can therefore feel excited about going to work, have access to public transit 🚍, enjoy a view🌞, and be in the middle of the cultural offerings of the city when they clock out. All of this comes at a reasonable cost that most startups and freelancers can afford. 🗸


Appear Professional During Networking and Meetings

Whether you are networking with peers or trying to court new clients, no one wants to come to the office above your garage for a meeting👎. For one, a home office isn’t as professional as a typical commercial real estate property. For two, navigating residential neighborhoods can be confusing and time consuming compared to reaching a spot in commercial districts of cities.


Renting a co-working space can therefore make you proud to engage with other professionals and clients, rather than leaving you with feeling self conscious after a home meeting. ⭐


Take Advantage of Flexible Arrangements That Meet Your Needs as Your Business Changes

Co-working spaces for rent are not only relatively accessible, they also offer many flexible options. These options can accommodate small companies and freelancers alike.


The best example is that a co-working office can expand from a single desk or room into a larger area as your company grows. You can also access facilities like a conference room with ease without having to rent the whole floor or suite. 👏


Similarly, you can downsize your office once the heavy startup work is put in and employees begin to work more from home. In this way, co-working contracts offer you the possibilities and flexibility to adapt your work space as your business evolves!


Impose Structure and a Sense of Purpose to Your Work

Working from home can not only get distracting, but it can also lead to procrastination. Commuting to a co-working space gives you the consistent schedule and dedicated environment you need to feel focused. Even better, having a separate work space helps you compartmentalize your professional and personal lives.


These effects can boost both your productivity and your sense of job satisfaction. 😎


Share a Sense of Community and a Social Work Life

Our recent blog covered how co-working can create a sense of community in ways that improve job satisfaction. To sum it up: the diverse range of roles and industries in a co-working space leads to less-forced and more-interesting conversations among cohabitants. These conversations in turn, create a stronger sense of identity and a feeling of camaraderie. 🏅


Network With Peers to Expand Career Opportunities

Having a diverse array of professionals within your building is great not only for socializing but also for your career. Freelance writers🖊️, web designers🗔, consultants📢 and more can be just around the corner. Any time you need a referral, some extra work done, or an “in” with a juicy client opportunity, you can just knock on their door.


Gain Resources and Perks From Your Co-Working Rental Company

Co-working gives you access to things like water coolers💧, coffee makers☕, break rooms🚪, and even foosball tables or a TV lounge🎮 depending on your arrangement.


Many co-working rental companies like Metro Office Centers also offer incredibly helpful business services in addition to office space. For instance, we can provide you with an automated or live receptionist to help support your business, and we can optimize your Google My Business Listing to represent your co-working space as a true professional environment!


Take a look👀 at how the benefits above and the services we offer can transform your business when you find co-working spaces near you today!