Metro Re-opening Plan

We have exciting news, Metro locations will be open starting on June 15, 2020! We want to start off by thanking you for your support during this time of uncertainty. Despite the significant challenges, our community has come together to adjust to this “new normal” and has progressed forward into this uncharted territory. Metro is […]

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Is Coworking right for you?

  We’ll be the first to admit that coworking isn’t for everyone. So, what makes it a good fit for some and not others? We canvased our community to understand their thinking process for choosing a cowork environment over more traditional options i.e. working from home, in-office or at a coffee shop. Unsurprisingly, everyone expressed […]

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Can cowork culture be all inclusive?

Culture. It helps us to determine who we are and who our friends are, but it can also act as a social divider between those we identify as like ourselves and those who may seem different. So, is it possible to create an inclusive CoWork culture that unifies all? Culture shapes our attitudes and behaviors […]

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