Metro Member Spotlight: SiteHub

What inspired you to start Site Hub? Ultimately, entrepreneurship is in my blood. My grandfather, my father, my mother, and a lot of my extended family are (or were) entrepreneurs. But, I went into web design because of my dad, specifically. When I was about 15, he came up with an idea for a company […]

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Metro Member Spotlight: BiQi Marketing

What inspired you to start BiQi? I always knew I wanted to work for myself – mostly because I never liked other people telling me what to do. 😂  I ended up working in corporate advertising for years before being robbed of my joy enough to know I had to do something different.  In the […]

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Customer Engagement: Why Talking to a Human Being Still Matters

With a rising number of businesses having little more than a physical address for their virtual office and an entirely online operation, 1:1 moments between customers and employees could seem outdated. But, in truth, people still overwhelmingly prefer human-to-human contact, especially when trying to handle an issue. Studies show that customers much prefer talking with […]

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