Metro Re-opening Plan

We have exciting news, Metro locations will be open starting on June 15, 2020! We want to start off by thanking you for your support during this time of uncertainty. Despite the significant challenges, our community has come together to adjust to this “new normal” and has progressed forward into this uncharted territory. Metro is […]

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Metro Member Spotlight: SiteHub

What inspired you to start Site Hub? Ultimately, entrepreneurship is in my blood. My grandfather, my father, my mother, and a lot of my extended family are (or were) entrepreneurs. But, I went into web design because of my dad, specifically. When I was about 15, he came up with an idea for a company […]

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Why CoWorking?

Over the past 20 years, the job market has dramatically shifted. Outsourcing, technology and the rise of ecommerce have had a significant effect on how – and where – we do business. With the advantages the internet provides, people can now start up their own companies with very little capitol or overhead, leading to incredible […]

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