October Metro Member Spotlight: Kat Calling

1)  What inspired you to start Kat Calling?

Kat Calling is a true “fake it till you make it” story.  I knew I wanted to quit my job and work for myself.  I’d worked in a variety of sales management positions and loved writing scripts and phoning. ☎ With almost no savings and a big plan, my first sales calls alluded to a “team of fully trained sales assistants” that didn’t exist yet! Now we have over 20 sales representatives and growing and I don’t have to feign confidence in our ability to secure listing opportunities for our real estate clients!

2)  What is the long term vision for the company?

I want to answer every real estate marketing question with a YES! Do we set appointments? YES! Do we create lists of customized data? YES! Do we send customized emails and drip campaigns, design marketing materials, have our own online university for sales training, social media and online marketing… YES!  I want my hands in it all and be a one stop shop for taking your real estate business to the next level.

3)  What do you want the world to know about Kat Calling?

That we aren’t a strip club… 😂 the name throws people sometimes… But seriously, I want the world to know we don’t sell “leads” and we aren’t a traditional call-center. We are a customized program with virtual assistants ready to join your team and set prequalified appointments!

4)  What has been the highlight of your business so far?

There have been too many to count – but I’ve never been more proud of my team than this past month. The volume of listings taken and the new autonomy of my management staff has been game-changing. When I get client feedback raving about my executive team – I know they’re carrying out our vision and our ethics in a way that makes me GLOW! 💞 My employees say working here is more like a family than a workplace and their commitment and care shows every day.

5)  What is the greatest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

This is tough because I have learned so much and continue to learn more everyday. As a naturally loveable person, a hard one for me to learn was that not everyone will love you, and that’s OK! Many won’t even like you. Not everyone is on your side – it’s important to look out for your vision and your team first.

Surround yourself with relentlessly optimistic smart people who will help you achieve your goals. Remove the nay-sayers and negative people from your life.

My mom used to say “don’t hang out with so-and-so because she pops your dream bubbles!” ✨ Let your dream bubbles fly and find a dream team to help you envision a willy-wonky, style fizzy, lifting awesome world of possibilities!

6)  What advice would you give to new business owners?

Biggest advice is never go with the “Free” version of anything! Seriously, do your research before investing in products and services – it’s easy to go with the cheapest solution right now and it can be a huge money pit down the line. 💰 I tried to DIY a lot of things I was unqualified to do and lost money in disappointing ways. Do what you do better than anyone else and do it when everyone else is sleeping! Make the best use off your down time and crush projects you can’t during normal business hours.

Secondly – ask for help! Raise your hand and you would be amazed how many wonderful helpful people rise to the occasion for nothing! You don’t need an expensive business consultant if you are just starting off – there are dozens of people who would be happy to share their advice for a cup of coffee or lunch. ☕ Find networks, join your chamber of commerce, Facebook has TONs of groups for business owners, ask around – people are more helpful than you’d imagine and you’ll be surprised how much free support already exists for you!

7)  We’re so happy to have you with us at Metro!  Can you share a bit about your experience with us?

I’ve been thrilled to be introduced to super cool like-minded people within Metro Office Centers. Our biggest and most successful marketing push was created by Metro Business Support Services. Their team have had a HUGE impact on my 4th quarter and they will be an invaluable part of my team for a long time for sure! We had an office location in the burbs and opening a second location downtown has lent a whole new energy to our productivity. 🏦 It’s amazing to see the diversity of small and large businesses growing and collaborating here.



To Learn More about Kat Calling, visit www.KatCallingInc.com and on Facebook @KatCallingInc.