Metro Member Spotlight: SiteHub

What inspired you to start Site Hub?

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is in my blood. My grandfather, my father, my mother, and a lot of my extended family are (or were) entrepreneurs. But, I went into web design because of my dad, specifically. When I was about 15, he came up with an idea for a company that handled people’s complaints with corporations. He wanted to help them get answers and problems resolved. The idea was dependent on

 having an awesome website that could handle the service. After a few years of working with various web developers, he gave up on the idea. He couldn’t create it himself, and the developers he hired just didn’t get the job done. In January 2012, my father passed away. I started Site Hub the very next month, in February of 2012. So, I think, in a way, I got into the business to help passionate people like him bring their ideas to life.


What is the long term vision for the company?

I am very committed to bringing jobs to the area. My vision for the company, long-term, is to bring the first new skyscraper to Rochester since 1995️. I want Site Hub to contribute to Rochester’s revitalization and be part of the change in a bigger way. In order to accomplish this goal we are dedicated to producing the very best web design and marketing solutions available.


What do you want the world to know about Site Hub?

I want people to know that Site Hub makes the best damn websites in all of Rochester! We are the best of the best, and I’d be happy to challenge any other web design team in town.


What has been the highlight of your business so far?

I love when the team wins together. We have a great connection, so when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Whether it is a client success story, winning an award, or just coming up with a really cool idea , we are all proud of what we are doing together. One recent achievement that has meant a lot to us is  moving to a beautiful and historic office space in the heart of Downtown Rochester.


What is the greatest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Always sign a contract!


What advice would you give to new business owners?

See my last answer! ⬆️


We’re so happy to have you with us at Metro!  Can you share a bit about your experience with us?

When I first started looking for office space, I wanted something roomy and cool, right in the city center–for an affordable price.  I thought it would actually be impossible for me to find somewhere that met all of my goals. But, then I found out about Metro. Sure enough, after only a short period of time, they found us the perfect office! Now, I’m in my new space and I am loving it. Business is growing, team morale is up, and the future is bright!


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