Virtual Offices

COVID-19 has completely disrupted the workplace. According to a study done by Nielsen, “‘62% of Americans surveyed Oct.19 – Nov. 1 said their life right now is “not yet back to normal’” (Brenan, 2020). Many people have transitioned to working remotely this pandemic, and they are giving up physical office space and choosing to utilize a virtual office instead. 

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a flexible workspace where people have access to a professional office address without physically occupying space there. It’s ideal for people who are working remotely during this pandemic. 

Why would people want a professional business address?

  • People don’t want to use their personal home  address to conduct business matters if they’re working from home
  • Someone can safely manage their mail 
  • They can leverage the business address – clients like to be able to search businesses online – it gives your business a better presence that is visible to the public – have a better market presence when people google a professional address and can see the business building appear

Virtual Metro Members have access to the Metro community. We believe in the power of creating connections, and people who join Metro are ingrained into a community of like-minded individuals who believe in growing professionally and personally. 

What’s included in the Metro community?

  1. Access to exclusive events
  2. Access to our member portal 
  3. Access to the Metro Slack community 

Since COVID-19 has changed the workplace dynamic, Metro has shifted its focus toward facilitating a close-knit community online. This is a way for the Metro community to remain in touch while not physically being together.

Metro has hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event series since March, and those events have brought in professionals from many different industries. Event attendees are able to ask specific questions, and this was a great opportunity for members to learn and build connections with other professionals. 

Members have access to our member portal, Office RnD, and this portal helps them maximize their membership by providing them access to a multitude of resources. It is an all in one online platform that members can navigate, and it provides an additional layer of convenience. 

What can members do in the portal?
  • Book the conference room or virtual office 
  • Pay invoices
  • Submit service tickets
  • Access Metro membership directory 
  • Message other members
  • Access “How-To” guides and instructions 
  • Get exclusive member perks and benefits

Office RnD is an easy way to keep the Metro community engaged because it allows members to connect with one another. Members have access to Metro’s directory where people can share their biographies and contact information; this is a great resource for people to take advantage of if they are seeking to contact professionals in other industries. Messages and events can be posted, and this is great for encouraging interconnectedness among members through this online portal. 

The Metro Slack channel is specifically designed for members to interact with one another, and  it’s a space for people to ask questions that other members might be able to answer. It’s a good way for members to stay connected to one another virtually while simultaneously sharing ideas. 

What are the benefits of utilizing a professional business address?

COVID-19 has transformed the workplace and how people operate their businesses. Some individuals have redefined the way they work by choosing to work remotely. The problem with this is that they still need to have an official business address for their company, and they do not want to use their home address for business purposes. 

Having access to a professional business address helps businesses establish their brand and makes them more credible, and it can also increase customer trust. Having a professional business address also helps mitigate security and privacy issues that people might encounter if they use their home address for business purposes. Utilizing a professional business address can also help companies appear more credible; customers can search the address online, and they will see a building in a well established area.

Businesses that wish to appear on Google My Business are required to have a physical address; P.O. boxes do not work for listings. According to Google’s guidelines, they specify that “listings on Google My Business can only be created for businesses that either have a physical location that customers can visit, or that travel to visit customers where they are.”

Virtual Members are able to utilize Metro’s address, and this fits the requirements for having a physical location. Utilizing a professional address also helps businesses with their SEO efforts because location matters when people are searching for businesses online. This is especially important when people search for companies “near me” because Google will show them businesses that are close relative to their location, and this can increase visibility for businesses. 

Virtual Members can have their mail and packages shipped to our locations. Members have the option to come in and physically pick up their items, or they can have the Community Managers forward them. If members choose to have items forwarded, additional charges apply.

Access to Meeting Space

Metro offers Virtual Members the ability to book the conference room and virtual office spaces at our membership rates at certain locations. This is great for members who need a physical space to meet with clients or prospects in a professional environment. Guests are greeted by Community Managers who can direct them to the appropriate space for meetings. 

Conference Room Rates:
  • $15/hour
  • $60/4 hours
  • $95/ 8 hours
Virtual Office Rates:
  • $10/hour
  • $35/4 hours
  • $65/ 8 hours

Contact Us

Contact Metro Cowork at (585) 465-5060 or email to learn more about becoming a Virtual Member.