How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Startup

Virtual offices have taken the business world by storm in the modern age of startup utopia. With  more options available than ever for teleworking, collaborating, video conferencing and keeping your team together, having a virtual office instead of a regular office has started to pay some serious dividends.

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 37 percent of workers say they telecommute at least once a month for their jobs. Many startups and other small companies have near 100 percent telecommuting with their employee force, and they increasingly turn to virtual office services to give them a “home base” for clients and employees to report to, even if that home base is not a physical location.

Having a virtual office provides huge benefits to these businesses.  Here’s how…

An Established Space for Your Business, Even if It’s Not Physical

When you set up your virtual office, you can give every single customer or industry partner you contact a street address for your business. Having this information cements you in their mind as a more-established company compared to one operating out of the briefcase of its owner. You earn more prestige for your business, look more professional, and give a landmark for people to associate your business with a certain region or neighborhood.

SEO Benefits From Google Maps and Other Services

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Google Maps needs a street address to (literally) put your business on the map. Without a physical address, the algorithms that display your business name for local or business-focused search may be less likely to display your business name.

In fact, you absolutely have to have a physical address — not a P.O. Box — to register for Google My Business. Furthermore, locally based searches are likely to appear in results as the “three-pack” of top local businesses as pulled up by Google Maps, so registering your business and giving it a “pin” on the map opens you up to greater search traffic, especially at the local level.  Not sure how to set this up?  We can help:

A Go-To Place for Client Contacts, Mail and Other Essentials

With a well-configured virtual office, contact with your business is seamless. Office number calls are forwarded directly to your phone or your office assistant’s. All mail comes to a convenient location near you, letting you pick up packages must more safely compared to having them set outside the door.

Furthermore, you give clients the aforementioned point-of-reference. Something as simple as “Oh, you guys are from Round Rock?” can strike up a conversation that leads to a new client.

No Commute Means Happier, Harder-Working Employees

Commutes are literal killers, according to recent research. Workers facing one-way commute times longer than 30 minutes are 55 percentImage result for work flexibility likely to report increased stress levels and 36 percent likely to have sleep-related issues. Most interestingly, those with longer commutes eat 800 more calories a week, on average, as a result of limited time and elevated stress.

Those who have the opportunity to work from home — or wherever they prefer — report higher levels of job satisfaction, better health and lower stress. Two-thirds of managers with remote employees also report better productivity. Remote work not only benefits the young generation of professionals who demand it most loudly, but it can also keep older talent in the workforce. 74 percent of older Americans report that they wish they had better work flexibility.

Added Flexibility With a Mobile Team

One of the biggest benefits to virtual office teams is that they are not bound by physical limitations. If workers are scattered across the U.S., your business does not have to shut down for a regional disaster, for instance. Additionally, if any employees want to sign on for some crunch or move around their schedules, they have all the tools they need to work and collaborate whenever, wherever.

Make Your Startup Stronger With a Virtual Office

Metro Office Centers provides virtual office services in addition to co-working spaces and even large office rental. Let us set your company up with a virtual office that gives you a convenient place to access mail and gives your clients more confidence while empowering your team with flexible capabilities.

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