Customer Engagement: Why Talking to a Human Being Still Matters

With a rising number of businesses having little more than a physical address for their virtual office and an entirely online operation, 1:1 moments between customers and employees could seem outdated. But, in truth, people still overwhelmingly prefer human-to-human contact, especially when trying to handle an issue. Studies show that customers much prefer talking with […]

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October Metro Member Spotlight: Kat Calling

1)  What inspired you to start Kat Calling? Kat Calling is a true “fake it till you make it” story.  I knew I wanted to quit my job and work for myself.  I’d worked in a variety of sales management positions and loved writing scripts and phoning. ☎ With almost no savings and a big […]

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How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Startup

Virtual offices have taken the business world by storm in the modern age of startup utopia. With  more options available than ever for teleworking, collaborating, video conferencing and keeping your team together, having a virtual office instead of a regular office has started to pay some serious dividends. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 37 […]

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