Why Metro

We support you and your business through connectivity, collaboration and community.

We’re entrepreneurs like you. A collective of Rochesterian’s and implants who care about elevating the talent within our city walls.

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Words From Our Clients

At Metro Cowork, I can really get to know those around me and feel like I am contributing to the space I work in. It is rewarding to be a part of a community and help to build culture, especially being a new transplant to Rochester.

Leah Nicoli

Being a part of the Metro Cowork community has been a pleasure since the beginning. My interactions with our members have done nothing but help my growth personally and professionally.

Chris Bellamy

We Believe In You

Shared Values

We believe that collective interests start the conversation, but shared values sustain it.


We believe in community. That a collective of individuals supporting each other will flourish no matter the odds.

Workplace Atmosphere

We believe that office space should evolve and change with the needs of its occupants. We created a flexible work model that is implemented alongside constant improvements.

Professional Growth

We believe that individual experiences and knowledge hold exceptional value. Thus, we encourage individuals to share their stories, share their knowledge and by doing so help themselves and others grow.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back by providing modern, affordable opportunities and environments for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we regularly hold community events and host local non for profits.

Smart Business

We believe in smart business models, low overheads and the flexibility for expansion and contraction.



Purpose built desk
and office space


Engineered to
encourage connectivity


Designed by locals,
for locals


Onsite community


Access to multiple


Month to month
membership plans


Single point access system for
billing and community news


How does the trial work?

Our 7-day trial allows you to test out the space and get a sense of the community without a long-term commitment. If you like it and want to upgrade, great! If not, you can cancel your account or make it inactive for later use.

Does signing up automatically mean I get a space?

No. Filling the membership form registers your interest…

What type of businesses do you support?

We support solopreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. Each location attracts individuals from different industries. Digital technology, creative/marketing services, SAS, business consulting and operations, security. You name it, we’ve got a community that bolsters it.

What is the CoWork community like?

We’re a diverse community of entrepreneurs and small businesses sharing talent, resources and knowledge to help boost our individual and professional growth. We’re all from different industries and backgrounds but share common values – integrity, respect and the willingness to connect, collaborate and thrive.

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Our Events


Meet other freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals at Metro Networking Events! Build relationships, collaborate on projects and watch your business (and quality of life) grow!

Professional Development

Every successful entrepreneur is a life long learner! Come to our professional development workshops to pick up new skills, share ideas and overcome challenges in business... and in life.

Quarterly events coming 2018

Quarterly events coming soon in 2018. Be sure to check back for event updates!